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    Since its establishment, Clongene has been constantly improving itself and committed to taking root and developing in the in vitro diagnostic industry.  The company has developed a series of detection reagent matching instruments such as immunofluorescence analyzer, automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument and real-time PCR instrument, which can fully meet the needs of clients .

    Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor Immunofluorescence Analyzer
    Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor

    Automatic nucleic acid extractor is used for the automatic extraction and purification system of DNA/RNA, protein and cell, etc. Through the adsorption, transfer and release of magnetic beads by magnetic rod and magnetic rod sleeve, the transfer of magnetic beads/sample is realized, and the automatic extraction and purification operation is completed.

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    Immunofluorescence Analyzer

    The Immunofluorescence Analyzer is intended for use with the FIA family of Test Cassettes for the invitro measurement of various analytes in a range of biological samples.

    The Immunofluorescence Analyzer and Test Cassettes are indicated for use in clinical laboratories.

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