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    Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor

    Automatic nucleic acid extractor is used for the automatic extraction and purification system of DNA/RNA, protein and cell, etc. Through the adsorption, transfer and release of magnetic beads by magnetic rod and magnetic rod sleeve, the transfer of magnetic beads/sample is realized, and the automatic extraction and purification operation is completed.

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    Product Features


    Humankind operation interface:

    Easy-going operation interface, both Chinese and English language are included.


    Steady operation:

    Setup program has a powerful editing function.


    Heating function:

    Pyrolysis heating & elution heating.



    Ultraviolet sterilization & low probability of laboratory pollution


    Stable Operation:

    The instrument runs quietly and stably.


    Safe & reliable:

    Fully automatic reagents matched with disposable consumables is to reduce the user's exposure to harmful reagents


    Quick extraction:

    Short operation time, 30-60 mins / time


    Premium consumables:

    Select high-quality materials and processes, low loss of magnetic beads and high yield.

    Technical parameters



    The nucleic acid is adsorbed, cleaned and eluent under the action of guanidine salt, buffer solution and external magnetic field by using the superparamagnetization of magnetic beads. Nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) are isolated and purified from the sample.