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    Immunofluorescence Analyzer

    The Immunofluorescence Analyzer is intended for use with the FIA family of Test Cassettes for the invitro measurement of various analytes in a range of biological samples.

    The Immunofluorescence Analyzer and Test Cassettes are indicated for use in clinical laboratories.

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    Technical parameters



    Immunofluorescence Analyzer uses an LED as the Excitation Light Source. The emitted light from thefluorescence microspheres is collected and converted into an electrical signal. 

    The signals are closely related to the amount of fluoresceing dye molecules present on the spot under examination. After a sample is applied to the Test Device, the Test Device is 

    inserted into Immunofluorescence Analyzer and the concentration of the analyte is calculated by a pre-programmed calibration process. Immunofluorescence Analyzer can only 

    accept Test Devices that are designed specifically for use with this instrument.