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    Bispecific Antibodies Production

    Bispecific Antibodies is composed of two different binding domains, can combine two different antigens or the same antigen of two different epitopes exert their effects, also can by specifically combining tumor antigen simultaneously combining different effector cells and molecules, bridge between target cells and functional molecules, to achieve the role of directional killing tumor cells. Clongene has solid professional knowledge and rich production experience in recombinant antibody production, and can provide customers with fast and efficient antibody expression services.

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    Bispecific Antibody Production Details

    Service StepService DescriptionTimelineDeliverable

    Gene synthesis and subclone (Customers can 

    provide antibody sequences or plasmid as 

    starting material)

      - Codon optimization and gene synthesis

      - Subcloning into an expression vector

      - Plasmid amplification and preparation

    1-2 weeks

      - Purified proteins 

      - CoA

    Transient expression and purification

      - Transient transfection of cells

      - Antibody protein purification

      - QC analysis

    2-3 weeks

    Bispecific Antibody Production Service Workflow
  • Gene synthesis
  • Vector construction and plasmid amplification
  • Protein expression and purification
  • Product delivery
  • Contact
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