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    Hybridoma Monoclonal Antibody Service

    Mouse monoclonal antibody is used to fuse myeloma cells with activated B lymphocytes by cell technology to obtain hybridoma cells, which can secrete monoclonal antibody against a single antigen determination cluster. The antibodies have high specificity, stable passage, and can be large-scale repeated production, which is widely used in basic research, clinical diagnosis and new drug development.

    With years of experience in monoclonal antibody research and development and a complete antibody production line, Clongene can provide you with one-stop customized services from antigen design, animal immunization, fusion screening to antibody production, and ultimately deliver high-quality monoclonal antibodies aligned with the client’s application requirements, and meeting clients’ different needs.

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    Service Advantages
  • Multiple antigens optional: provide proteins, DNA, peptides, cells and other antigens.
  • Rapid immunization: multiple immunization regimens, as soon as 21 days to complete immunization.
  • High fusion efficiency: optimized electrofusion technology, significantly improved hybridoma cell fusion rate.
  • Rich development experience: over 1000 hybridoma development experience.
  • Customizable services: comprehensive services from antigen expression to hybridoma antibody development and antibody production can be tailored for each customer to meet the special needs of each customer.
  • Monoclonal Antibody Service Detail
    Service Step

    Service Description



    Antigen preparation (optional)

    - Customer provision/ Clongene preparation according to customer requirements

    - Protein antigen: 3 weeks

    - Small molecule antigen: 4 weeks

    - Polypeptide antigen: 4 weeks

    - Purity > 90%

    - Deliver antigen production in accordance with customer requirements

    - Test report

    Animal immunization

    - 4-5 Balb/C mice

    - Detection of serum titer in mice

    3 weeks

    -  ELISA results of immune serum

    - Test report

    Cell fusion and screening


    - Clone screening

    4 weeks

    - 1-3 positive clones (2 tubes of frozen cells per clone)

    - Test report

    Antibody preparation

    - Preparation of ascites by intraperitoneal inoculation

    2 weeks

    - 5-10 mg

    Antibody purification

    - Octanoic acid-ammonium sulfate method /ProteinA/G method

    3 days

    - 1-2 mg antibody

    - SDS - PAGE>95%

    - Test report

    Monoclonal Antibody Service Process
  • Antigen preparation
  • Animal immunization
  • Cell fusion
  • Subclonal screening
  • Antibody preparation
  • Antibody purification
  • Monoclonal Antibody Service Case
    Case #1: Preparation of NP monoclonal antibody by using hybridoma technique

    The NP monoclonal antibody is prepared by hybridoma technique and purified by Protein A,the purified SDS-PAGE is shown in Figure 1. Its activity is analyzed by ELISA, and the result is shown in Figure 2. It can be seen from the results that NP antibody has high sensitivity and good activity.

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