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    Beacon Single B Cell Screening Service

    The Beacon single-cell optofluidic system introduced by Clongene facilitates the development of antibody drugs, tumor immunity and other cell biology research. It can introduce tens of thousands of single cells into nano upgraded micro-chamber for single cell isolation, detection, culture and export of integrated operation. Clongene can obtain positive monoclonal antibodies within 35 days by using Beacon single-cell optofluidic system, which greatly improves the efficiency of antibody screening, thus speeding up the process of antibody drug discovery.

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    Service Advantages
  • High throughput: up to 4 chips can be run simultaneously, screening about 50,000 cells
  • Short cycle: the monoclonal antibody screening was shortened from 1-2 months to 1 day
  • Automated screening process: import, culture, cloning, assay, screening, export of integrated operation
  • High probability of capture of target clones: retain the diversity of B cells and obtain high quality positive clones at the early stage of discovery
  • Natural paired antibodies: obtain high quality natural paired antibodies directly
  • McAb Development Service Content based on Beacon Platform

    Service Step

    Service Description



    Animal immunization

    - 3-5 Balb/C mice were immunized

    - Detection of serum titer in mice

    15 days

    - Five ELISA positive clones, each clone had 2 tubes of frozen cells

    - 1 mg purified antibody

    - COA

    Plasma cell extraction and Beacon sorting

    - Plasma cells from mouse spleen were extracted

    - Use Beacon for separation plasma cells

    - Extract mRNA, reverse transcription, amplification heavy/light chain sequences

    5 days
    Recombinant antibody expression and verification

    - Recombinant expression antibody

    - Antibody purification

    - Antibody to verify

    2 weeks

    Beacon Single B Cell Screening Service Process
  • Animal immunization
  • Spleen/Bone marrow single cell suspension
  • Beacon sorting
  • mRNA extraction
  • Amplification cDNA
  • Vector construction
  • Antibody expression
  • Antibody performance identification
  • Beacon Single B Cell Screening Service Case
    Case #1: Screening of single positive cells by using beacon single cell optofluidic systems

    The Beacon single cell optofluidic systems is used to screen single positive cells, which can complete  the whole screening process in only one day. Figure 1 shows the screening of positive cells, the positive  cells are displayed in the form of fluorescence.

  • Case #2: Octet affinity determination diagram shows the activity of the single cell screened is better

    The positive cells screened by single cell optofluidic systems are subjected to RNA extraction, cDNA  transcription, sequencing, gene synthesis and transient expression of mammalian cells. Figure 2 is Octet  affinity determination diagram. It shows that the activity of the single cell screened  is better.

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