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    Large-scale Antibody Production Service

    Clongene has developed a large-scale recombinant antibody production (to kg) service, providing customers with recombinant antibodies in the amount of gram to kilogram. Clongene designs the protocol according to the scale specified by the customer, optimizes the sequence design, culture protocol, transfection method and cell line construction protocol to meet customer’s specific needs, and guarantees the delivery of the antibody of the expression amount and quality of customer's choice.

    Service advantages:

    •  Large scale high throughput: can produce customer specified standard recombinant antibody

    •  Reaction machines: 34 reactors, allowing multiple projects to be developed simultaneously

    •  High quality: SDS-PAGE>95%

    •  Fast delivery: up to 3 weeks to get gram-level antibodies

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    Large-scale Antibody Manufacturing Service Details

    Service StepService DescriptionTimelineDeliverable

    Gene synthesis and subclone (Customers can 

    provide antibody sequences or plasmid as 

    starting material)

      - Codon optimization and gene synthesis

      - Subcloning into an expression vector

      - Plasmid amplification and preparation

    1-2 weeks

      - Purified proteins 

      - CoA

    Small scale pilot expression and purification

      - Transfection of mammalian cells

      - Small scale pilot expression and purification

      - QC analysis

    2-3 weeks
    Large-scale production (up to 250L)

       - Large-scale plasmid preparation

      - Transient transfection and purification

      - QC analysis 

    5-8 weeks

    Large-scale Antibody Manufacturing Service Process
  • Gene synthesis
  • Vector construction and plasmid amplification
  • Protein pilot expression and purification
  • Sample evaluation
  • Large-scale protein expression and purification
  • Product delivery
  • Large-scale Antibody Manufacturing Service Cases
    Case #1: Large-scale expression of recombinant antibody

    Use Large-scale expression of recombinant antibody production service platform to express recombinant antibody.

    The SDS-PAGE is as follows:

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