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    Phage Display Technology

    Phage display technology is a molecular biology technology in which antibody genes are displayed on the surface of phage in the form of antibody-coat protein fusion protein. The antibody library constructed by this technology can obtain specific antibodies after enrichment, screening and identification, which has the advantages of simple method, short experimental period and large screening capacity. The phage antibody library technology platform launched by Clongene can provide you with multi-species and multi-type phage antibody library services according to your needs.

    Service advantages:

    • Rich experience: more than 3 years of phage antibody development experience

    • High capacity: natural antibody library 1010 and above, immune antibody library 107 and above

    • High success rate: screening success rate is greater than 90%

    • Multi-species: antibody libraries of human, mouse, rabbit and other species can be constructed

    • Multi-type: ScFv, Fab, VHH and other types of antibody libraries can be constructed

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    Phage Antibody Library Service Detail

    Service Step

    Service Description



    Phage antibody library construction

    - Total RNA extraction

    - Transcription of cDNA

    - Plasmid construction

    - Conversion

    - Inventory capacity identification 

    4-6 weeks

    -  1-2 mg antibody

    -  Test report

    -  Affinity measurement data

    Antibody library screening

    - Inventory capacity identification(When the customer provides an antibody library)

    - Antibody library screening: solid phase screening, liquid phase screening, competitive screening and other screening schemes are optional

    4-6 weeks

    Sequencing and expression purification

    - Phage DNA sequencing

    - Select 5-10 phages for expression

    - ELISA detection

    4-5 weeks

    Affinity determination

    - The affinity of antibodies was determined using the Satorius OCTET molecular interaction instrument

    1 week

    Phage Display Technology Service Process
  • Antibody gene amplification
  • Construction of phage antibody library
  • Antibody library screening
  • Sequencing and expression purification
  • Affinity determination
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